Tuesday, 13 July 2004: 3:15 PM-4:00 PM

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D-4: Educating Here, There and Everywhere: Integrating Tablets, VTC, MediaSite Live and WebCT

Detailed Description:Villanova University's College of Engineering provides classes that offer exceptional flexibility and accessibility for our learners and faculty. Through partnerships with local organizations and companies, the College of Engineering successfully delivers courses accommodating on-campus, online, and video teleconference (VTC) learners. This integrated combination of teaching and learning technologies includes: WebCT, tablet PC's, MediaSite Live, VTC, streaming media and DVDs. This presentation provides an overview of the integrated technologies, cost models, training and lessons learned.
Presentation Format:Showcase
Topic:Integrating the campus: Technical solutions and extended uses
Target Audience:Course Designers, Faculty and Other Instructors, System Administrators, Senior Administrators, E-learning Managers
Appropriate Audience Level:Beginning or new users of WebCT, Experienced WebCT users
Abstract Text:Online and distance education is the leading growth market in higher education today. The College of Engineering at Villanova University had developed strategies to accommodate both on-campus and distance learners in a single course using a combination of integrated technology tools. College of Engineering faculty are trained and supported in the development and delivery of hybrid courses. Delivered synchronously to in-class, online and video teleconference (VTC) learners, class sessions are also recorded for DVD, CD-Rom and streaming media distribution. Using WebCT as the class foundation and gateway, instructors publish class notes, conduct discussion and deliver assessments. Class lectures integrate PowerPoint with digital drawings made on a Tablet PC. Video cameras broadcast the instructor video, audio, tablet and laptop screens for in-class and remote VTC learners, while MediaSite Live provides customized, branded live video stream to online learners. Additionally, online learners participate interactively with the instructor and other learners using the WebCT chat tool. After a live class session, videos are archived for additional review and the digital notes created during the class are distributed via WebCT. The result is a blended, media-rich course which offers flexibility for both instructors and learners, high quality instruction by reputable faculty, integration of technology tools, and a growing university revenue resource as potential students gain access to educational opportunities unattainable in the past.

Session Leader:Karen J. Belen
Villanova University - College of Engineering
Co-Presenter:Seán O'Donnell
Villanova University - College of Engineering

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